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ARGoS is a multi-robot simulator designed to simulate complex experiments involving large swarms of robots of different types. ARGoS is the first multi-robot simulator that is at the same time both efficient (fast performance with many robots) and flexible (highly customizable for specific experiments). Novel design choices in ARGoS have enabled this breakthrough. First, in ARGoS it is possible to partition the simulated space into multiple sub-spaces, managed by different physics engines running in parallel. Second, ARGoS' architecture is multi-threaded, thus designed to optimize the usage of modern multi-core CPUs. Finally, the architecture of ARGoS is highly modular, enabling easy addition of custom features and appropriate allocation of computational resources. ARGoS is open source software licensed under GPL3 and is downloadable free of charge.
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The iRace package implements the iterated racing procedure, which is an extension of Iterated F-race (I/F-Race). The main use of iRace is the automatic configuration of optimization algorithms, that is, finding the most appropriate settings of an optimization algorithm given a set of instances of an optimization problem. One example is the tuning of a computer program for logistic routing of trucks such that cost is minimized. iRace is implemented as an R package (R Development Core Team 2008) and it builds upon the F-race package by Birattari (2003).